Thursday, June 16, 2011

A look back at our journey east...

Since we left California I have longed to post pictures of some of the memorial parts of our trip east. All told there were over 300 pictures taken from our trip. I wont be posting all 300 but I will highlight some.

We drove through California until we got to Arizona. We were supposed to stop at the Grand Canyon. We were going to camp on the south side of the Grand Canyon. However Mother Nature decided this was not a good plan. Instead we got to witness snow in Arizona.
Needless to say we did NOT camp outside, and we did not get to see the Grand Canyon. We were all really bummed about this, but it was getting dark, it was cold and our sleeping arrangements for the night just went up in smoke  errrr down in snow?

So we drove on as long as we possibly could hoping for *warmer* temps. Then crashed out in the car/truck for a few hours of sleep. We worked into New Mexico the next day and hoped to see some sights as we drove. We spotted the Largest petrified tree sign just off the road and had to stop and check it out.
check out how big around this one was!

This is the tallest one I have seen

Polished up they are pretty expensive... that says $2100.00
(that's way to much to pay for a rock!) 

We also saw some cool wagons, and got to talk about what travel was like for the people making the trip 100 years ago. My dads family moved from the east coast to the west coast, but they did it by car. 

I also saw some really cool polished petrified wood in smaller pieces in the gift shop, as well as some cool shirts. My oldest two got together and bought one for their dad, they are awesome.

We went onto the next location where we were supposed to camp out only to discover, that in-spite of the park rangers email telling me different, the park was closed still. So there goes camping site number 3. We were all exhausted and beyond spent at this point so we splurged and spent the money to camp at a KOA. I can not say that the site was beautiful, or that it was worth the money aside from the fact that we all got to stretch out and we got hot showers for free as well as breakfast that was all included in the price of our camping spot.

We stopped at a gas station on the famous Route 66

Then we left New Mexico behind:
And Entered the Lone Star State:

I will save the rest of the telling of this story for another day.
I hope you all enjoyed this look back at our trip across the states.


  1. Awesome petrified wood! Whose blue feet?

  2. :) Those are MY blue feet. I posted about these wonderful shoes before. They are called Vibram Five Fingers.

  3. Hah! I know so many people who have Vibrams, I didn't even notice you were wearing them. LOL

    Trips across the country often go that way. I have done the cross country thing three times. We always start with a plan, but things don't always go that way. LK insists that Mt. Rushmore doesn't really exist, because when we went to see it, the fog was so bad there was no view. We had to keep moving, so he never did get to see it. I assured him it was there the last time I drove cross country (8 years earlier). He still thinks it's a myth. ;-)

  4. Sorry, must have missed that post... it's not coming up in a search for me. But I did google Vibrams, and that's pretty cool for shoes.

  5. WOW. Ok I could have sworn I blogged about them... Only I found out when I went looking for it that it never ever got published! LOL I will publish that tomorrow just so you can read it! I did blog it, just never got it published. I must have been having an issue with publishing the blog because that has happened once before.
    I <3 my five fingers. I wear them often and they are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.

  6. I'm in constant awe at those who headed west in these covered wagons. Hats off to them - especially the women.... boy, they were hardy.
    Great reading about your trip :)

  7. I feel the same way about those women who braved the Atlantic ocean in the first place. American women came from hearty stock of women who were braver then brave.