Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekly report on Organic Learning

I am going to try hard to post each week about our Organic Learning adventures. This is not always easy for me to do since each day, and each week is a totally different adventure. We never stay in one place long and we often bounce from idea and thought to project and back again.

My kids love computer time. So I have worked hard to find great free websites they can play on and play games that encourage learning. The new favorite for The Spitfire and The Cuddlebug is a site called Go Go Kabongo. There is a free option and they love playing there. The nice thing is that it encourages reading in a fun playful way. The kids enjoy the games and that makes it more fun for them to learn.

My son The Creator is teaching himself to play guitar and I found a wonderful website that is completely free for him to use. The site is called Justinguitar and they start at the most basic level. Using Youtube videos to show you how to play.

The Bookworm is officially "Graduated" so she does not have any set type of work however she is writing several books. How she keeps them all straight in her head at once is beyond me. She loves to write and I keep wondering how long it will be before she publishes her work.

Last week we watched documentaries on Herod's tomb, we also watched episodes of Mythbusters. We love that show! There were also episodes of Quantum leap which we love.


  1. We have been watching lots of Mythbusters and Quantum Leap around here too. :) We learned that a rolling stone does indeed gather no moss. I am so glad that we have our Netflix streaming.

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your week with us.

  2. Organic learning . . . what a lovely way to say it! Princess has some fun and free websites. What is the age range of your kids? I'll see if any might work for them. :)

  3. Shady,
    Lovely to see you hun! Organic Learning, its honestly what I feel we do. I have a hard time looking at it as anything differently.

    The Spitfire is 8 and The Cuddlebug is 7. We are always interested in trying new websites.

    I am going to try really hard to post a weekly report going over some of the things we all do. :)

  4. Princess likes


    There's a free level of Disney Fairies at pixiehollow.go.com/ You are limited as to what you can do at this version.

    A friend plays at moshimonsters.com

    Itza Bitza isn't free, but you can do a free trial I think and if they like it, the download is only $10.

    That's all we could think of! Hope you all find things you like! :)