Tuesday, April 26, 2011

settling in

I am trying hard to settle in. I still have boxes upon boxes to unpack but I have unpacked the kitchen and the living room so that is a big start.

My new home is smaller then the last one so its a good thing we got rid of furniture. :) I just wish that i had some money left after the move to replace what we don't have... In time it will come but I hate waiting.

I also get to use some of my creativity to add storage and build some of the things that are needed like storage and closet space. I am hunting up free stuff and trying to utilize what I have within my grasp right now. I love getting to be creative.

I am totally in LOVE with my new home. My neighbors are a dream come true! My home is surrounded by trees and its beautiful and relaxing and the birds sing to me every morning. I get to live "in the country" but am only 10 minutes from town. I am close to all the shopping I need to do and yet far enough out that I can sleep with my windows and doors open all night long. It is a truly glorious feeling!

I still have HUNDREDS of photos to download but the desktop comp is not set up yet and I honestly do not want to sit and upload that many pics on my laptop. LOL But hopefully soon I will be able to upload some of the fantastic pictures my daughter and I took as we crossed the United States. She took many while I drove of some unique things we saw as well as the landscapes of the different states we traveled through. I took some when we stopped to enjoy some of the sites. I didn't take any of the places we slept, because we often slept in the car in a parking lot somewhere.


  1. I'm so happy that you have found such an amazing place to call home. Replacing furniture and other things you need will come. I get the lack of patience thing. I am oh so impatient. Cannot wait to see photos!!!

  2. Souns like such an idyllic setting for a home. Hope you enjoy the new town. I imagine it will be pretty different than CA, but different is good some times.

  3. Thanks Ladies!

    Well I am looking forward to replacing the furniture. It will take time because I just don't have a lot of funding for much yet but I do love searching for the perfect piece of furniture. I am going to try and sit and go through the photos and download some because I am not really sure when the desktop will be up so that I can load all of the pictures. There is a lot!