Friday, April 15, 2011

Road trippin

Well its funny how you can try hard to plan out your adventures and end up having none of the adventures you planned on having.

The first major stop on our move across country was supposed to be the Grand Canyon and Four Corners. Only Saturday when we left our little town of Yuba City California it decided to snow in Arizona at the Grand Canyon. This meant we were forced to decide do we have the money to stay in a hotel or do we just drive as far as we can or camp out in the car. Since the low in Flagstaff Az was supposed to be 19* we opted to drive farther east and then camp in our car.

This turned out to be the story of out trip. Each destination ended up not happening for one reason or another. New Mexico's destination turned out to be closed in spite of an email saying they would be open and to come on over. It was a state park and who knows why they were not open. After a long drive the day before and not nearly enough sleep in the car we opted to find a camp site early in the day and camp for the night in a different location. We found a KOA and they were more then welcoming. A hot shower was a wonderful thing and the free cookies and breakfast was a nice touch. I was not thrilled with the price but we didnt end up sleeping in the car that night! It took far to long for us to tear down the tent and repack everything into the truck in a way that would allow everything to go back into the truck. So after getting a late start the next day we opted to not camp anymore along the trip because we are on a time crunch.

There are so many things that I would love to post about but tonight I am exhausted. We are hanging out in Birmingham Alabama waiting out the tornado warnings, severe thunder storms and horrible rain. We are only 8 hours and 35 minutes from our new home. We are anxious to be home in our new home but we are also not willing to attempt to drive through this storm.

I hope to update you all with photos soon. So far my bookworm has taken over 400 photos as we drove through each state. I am not downloading those until we have arrived and can set up the desktop! thats a whole lotta photos!

Until I have arrived this maybe the only post while On the road.

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  1. Sorry it didn't work out as planned. Cross country trips often don't go as planned. :-/ I've done three of them. LK insists that Mt. Rushmore doesn't exist. We only had time for a quick drive by, but the fog was so bad it was impossible to see.