Friday, March 11, 2011

My Awesome find

There are days when life can just get me down. My husband is wonderful at realizing when a simple act of love can put a smile on my face. He was at the store last week and saw a bouquet of red roses that he just felt he had to get for me. They were in in a vase on a the table and I enjoy seeing them sitting there smiling up at me.

Then today I was at the local goodwill just browsing when this lovely little clay pot caught my attention. Its hand crafted. My dad plays with clay and has often told me how difficult it is to make certain shapes. So I really can appreciate this piece of work even more.

I only paid 1.99 for it. Its a sweet little piece and I could easily picture it filled with flowers.

The Red flowers are from last weeks loving gift from my husband. The white ones are from the front yard, they are growing as evidence that spring is really coming this year. There are yellow ones as well ...

The yellow daffodils came from the front yard as well. The lovely peachy pink roses were added today. My husband thought that I should have another color to balance the red, yellow, and white shades already in my lovely little pot.

I took a picture of the other side as well so that you can see that the flowers are arrange so that each side looks just a little different. I love the pot. It is simply adorable and well made even if it is slightly thick at the spout. It looks darling all dressed up with flowers!

I am glad that I could find this lovely little pot and give it a new home with a bright life.

I am grateful to my loving husband who cheers me up with beautiful flowers.

Simple things can be beautiful.


  1. Great find & lovely flowers! I love it when Tyler buys or picks me flowers for no reason or just to cheer me up, to me that is even more special than getting them on a set date that he is "suppose" to get me flowers. Enjoy your vase & your flowers! ♥

  2. What gorgeous flowers - absolutely stunning - and at this time of year! (I love the jug too - and for 1.99 - wow!)