Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time Change?

Experts claim that day light savings time changes actually save us electricity. I personally do not believe this.

My kids still wake up every morning at the same time and they go to bed at the same time so for me changing times does nothing but mess up my sleep patterns. So instead of the kids getting up between 7-8 am when we fall back they are getting up between 6-7am and they still go to bed between 8-9pm. Falling back actually causes more disruption then anything.

So I started looking up information on why they think it saves energy. This is illogical to me. We use the same amount of energy it just varies. Do we use it in the morning? Or do we use it at night? Either way you are still using electricity and therefor it negates any "savings" we could possibly be getting from changing our time every few months. I believe personally that this is more detrimental to our sleep patterns and causes more problems for our bodies then it could possibly be for our electric pocket books.

You can find a link to some daylight savings for energy savings info here. It is on the California government pages, there is also a link to a study on how daylight savings time actually increases the demand for electricity not the other way around done in 2008 in Indiana. Indiana research article is actually done in a college format paper. It is easy to read.

To back my claim that daylight savings time actually can be more harmful to the body then it could be to save any amount of money on energy here is a website that answers questions about how it medically effects your body. medical questions answered

So what do you guys think?


  1. I agree that essentially we are still turning on lights, in some households even sooner due to the change but hey, thats the government for ya. Most of their studies are bs and the real main reason for the change is so school age kids don't have to stand at the bus stop in the dark.

    As for our health, I agree with the link, we are suffering as I take awhile to adjust my internal clock to this change.

  2. Our household actually uses more energy during daylight savings time because we have to turn on the lights earlier at night. Usually we rise with the sun, but don't adjust well to that during daylight savings time. I woke this morning at 7 to find two kids up, but the youngest is sleeping in. This will throw off his naps, his sleep at night, and his sleep patterns are really what our house revolves around! I would love to see us get rid of daylight savings time altogether!

  3. I completely agree Candice! My world is more chaotic during time change and I would love nothing more then to do away with it all!

  4. I love it when we lived in IN we did not do daylight savings time! It was awesomely amazing!! But a lot of large businesses were complaining & they eventually got it passed right before we moved back to TX to start having a time change. I had thought it was origonally started to help farmers out so that they had more "daylight hours" to harvest crops but that also makes NO sense to me since we have the same amount of daylight on any given day whether we have a time change or not. If schedules need to be changed to allow for harvesting then let the farmer's change their schedules.....why do we need to interupt every person's life....I HATE time change!!!!