Monday, November 29, 2010

new look

So I spent way more time then I intended to spend editing my background and redoing a whole bunch of stuff on my blog. What else is new?

Life has thrown some serious curve balls at us but we are regrouping as best we can. We are blessed with great friends, who are supportive in more ways then one. We also learned some people are not as good of friends as we had thought. So goes life.

We only have a few weeks then its Christmas. For the first time in 17 years my husband and I will be apart for Christmas. I know being that he is a Marine I should count myself lucky that he has never been gone for the holidays but with everything else that has happened this year it just feels like Icing on the proverbial cake. The kids and I are going to make the best of it. We will be baking and making lots of goodies for friends and family. We will have fun searching for some recipe that is vegan friendly for my sister, and looking for wonderful things to make for my parents, brother and other sister. This will all be worked into their lesson plans for the coming weeks. We are looking at the Great Depression and learning a lot about life back then. How families worked together and how it applies to our current situations. Life is not always easy but if you learn how to make the very best of it and enjoy what you do have you will get farther in this world then if you are a negative nelly.

So for the most part the moving is over, most of our stuff is in storage, a few more boxes must go to storage and a few need to come back because they accidentally went. Moving will happen soon enough to a permanent location as yet to be named. It will be decided by the Marine Corps. Hopefully sooner rather then later.

I am going to be back to blogging on a fairly regular basis, hope you all didn't miss me to much.


  1. Yes, we missed you a bunch! Love the new look of your blog... very different, and with a cooler mood.

    There are many vegan recipes on my blog:
    amandashappyhearth.blogspot. com

    Many are vegan , but some are vegetarian and can be adapted as vegan by substituting oil for butter, or rice milk for milk, or soy cheese for regular cheese. They're all eggless. Sounds like you're going to have some cooking fun.

    Our military members are not the only ones who serve the country--their families do too! Thank you for YOUR sacrifice and service.

  2. Thank you very much Amanda. It is very hard to be a military family at times. This is one of those times. I will be sure to check your recipes. I love finding new vegan things to try and make for my sister. Its her lifestyle and while I personally would not choose it I love teaching the kids that sometimes its nice to be able to do things for other people even if they are not my personal choices.

    The picture on my background is one I took driving home at night across a California highway in the mountains. The sun was setting behind me and the moon was just visible. I was playing with my camera and took the picture, it turned out so great.