Wednesday, March 14, 2012

woefully neglectful, I have been.

If there was a fail button for blogs mine would have a great big one!

I attempted several times to make changes and kept getting error after error for about 4 days straight. SO in my utter frustration I completely gave up! I walked away and got busy doing things around my home that needed to be done.  I had no intention of it all taking me away from my blog for a full month!

I pulled up carpet in the living room... sanded down the sub floor and painted it. With MANY coats of primer and one coat of porch paint. I intended on stenciling the floor but that has yet to happen. The walls did get a lovely shade of blue but need touch up where the tape stuck to the wall, Never again will I buy generic "painters" tape! So in order to do the touch up I have to buy more paint because I ran out completely. I helped my husband build a breakfast nook, its all finished except the painting. It will be getting a lovely coat of white paint this weekend I think. I sewed the cushion covers for the foam on the bench seating as well. The best part is that the bench seats are giant storage containers! perfect for those items in the kitchen that you don't always use but don't want to get rid of!

We also chose the paint for the front porch and will be getting it soon. Its spring time here in North Carolina and we are getting ready to build our boxes for planting. I am planning and trying to get seeds ordered in time for the garden to go in. I will be plotting it out on paper and planning where in the yard the garden is going.

Now for the problems with changing the blog... I am not sure if blogger just changed so much that now I can't figure it out or if they were having problems at the particular time that I was attempting to change it. I wont give up! I just need more time to figure it out and that seems to be something I never have a lot of extra laying around the house... TIME! So bear with me just a bit longer as I discover the nuances that are blogger. I will be adding pin buttons for pinterest, as well as my facebook link too.

My oldest son has a birthday in a few short weeks and my anniversary is shortly following that. I am certain that I will be gone a bit more than I would like but I will try my best to be a better blogger!

Now enjoy a few pictures from my busy work...

This is the carpet and room color back at Christmas time.
This is the same corner of the room with the carpet gone 

opposite corner of the room

far corner

looking from the kitchen into the living room
What a difference a paint color makes! We pulled the carpet out because it was stained so badly with the previous renters pet stains that no amount of cleaning made it better. The christmas picture was the only one I could find that had a shot of the carpet at all! 

Now onto the breakfast nook...
we used OSB for the frame of the boxes because its cheap and sturdy

Stronger plywood for the top and decorative wainscoting for the face

The cushions all finished. The opposite side is a striped pattern.
The benches are going to get painted completely white. The cut out in the middle photo shows where the vent is and we ran duct work from the vent to the cut out so that the heat still comes out there just allows the bench to sit over the top of it. I am extremely proud of this project! It turned out exactly how I imagined it to and it fits perfectly. The fabric was sprayed with stain resistor before I sewed it together.


  1. Look at how busy you have been! It looks great!

    1. Thank You Becky! I have been busy... We are planning the garden and that is going to take up even more time. Plus we have a meeting in the works with the landlady which is going looking to be really good for us all. :) I am really excited about it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. :) I feel so bad for neglecting my blog and my blog friends. I will get back into the swing of things though.

    2. You haven't neglected us... you've been very busy! Always happy to hear from you when life lets you sit down at the blog for a bit.
      ; D

  3. That looks beautiful!!! And I LOVE the extra storage in the bench seats. That rocks!! Nicely done!

  4. Thank's shady! :) I love love love my bench seats! I will be taking pictures of the inside as well as the final finished product once it gets painted! :)