Monday, February 6, 2012

Just a little rambling

I always have good intentions when it comes to my blog. I intend to post often but it just doesn't always happen. Life happens and gets in the way of intent sometimes.

First we have been very busy on the school front. We have been playing math games with dice, This is a great way to encourage addition, subtraction multiplication and even division. All you need is a pair of dice per child, a piece of paper and pencil. We often sit around the table and play games so this is not unusual. I use the dice to help the children remember their math facts. The person with the answer first wins the round. One round is addition, the next will be subtraction, then Multiplication, then division. For more complicated rounds we add the total of the dice and then multiply or divide it by the smallest number rolled. We also have been off to the park twice, its a mile walk and then we played ball, walked the track and of course played on the equipment. One of those days my pedimoter said I walked over 6.5 miles!  Another favorite game this past week has been Scrabble Slam. It's the card game scrabble and its quick easy and fun. You play with four letter words changing them with one card. It helps children learn word families and how one letter changes a whole word. Great fun and even my 7 year old likes to play.

There has been a new addition to the family, Lizzy is her name. I will post about her later this week. I have been trying to get good pictures of her but she has been a bit camera shy.  

Of course a good number of us also got sick in the last few weeks. Head colds are never fun and they are always long lasting when you have a large family. I am sure glad I don't have more kids because I can't imagine how long it would take to get everyone healthy. My kids tend to not get sick until the person before them is just about better. So for us if each kid is sick it usually takes about a month before the whole house is healthy again. I know some families get sick and all do it together which I am sure is miserable but hey, at least its all over with quickly!

I have also been trying to sew, but with sick kids and constant interruptions that has not been an easy task. I have many patterns cut out and just waiting for me to get them together, adorable aprons that are calling out to me to finish creating them. I need a designated sewing room... maybe the kids should all bunk up in one bedroom so mom can have a sewing room? nah! the fighting would drive me crazy! :) I know the attic... hmmm somewhere there is bound to be a space for me to create a private little oasis of creativity.

Of course lets not forget the Giveaway! It ends Wednesday night at 12pm EST. So its not to late to share and enter! Remember you can enter more then once. Share a link on your blog, or social networking site and share on my where you shared the giveaway... You will be entered for each share as well as your original entry.
Drawing winners will be announced on Thursday morning! 


  1. We're almost over the colds at my house. I thought we'd get through the winter without any, but I was fooled. Post photos of your aprons when you finish them, I'd love to see them.

    1. Pam,
      I have one apron that I am giving away that is posted. I am trying to find time to sew them all together. I have a variety of styles and trying to get them together isn't always easy. :) It seems life always gets away from me.