Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekly Organic Learning Report

I meant to write this on Friday and post it but, well life happened. I am sure some of you understand that all to well!

As a homeschooling mom who firmly believes that children need to be allowed to follow their own passions and dreams I work hard to see where the spark is and keep them going in that direction. It's not always easy but I do try.

This week has been one of challenge for me. My darling Spitfire has come to me and informed me that she wants more structure. I will admit right here and now that I was really hurt by this. Here I was giving her the freedom to explore everything she wants and do it all how she wants. Only to be told by her that I was doing it wrong! Well Ok, she didn't say it was wrong, only that she wants more "school work". As a few people reminded me that is what Organic learning is all about. Choosing how you learn, and what you learn. She is still following her own path, she just wants it to be more structured. This week I spent a lot of time doing some research just for the Spitfire. I am going to be using some resources online and of course printing some stuff as well as trips to the library. We do a lot of that stuff already but I am going to have to put it together a bit differently so that she can get her needs met.

One resource that was shared with me in a Facebook group is a free site called e-learning for kids this resource has subjects broken down into grade level and kids can work at their own pace. I think this will become the number one tool for the next few weeks for the Spitfire. I am sure that the Cuddle Bug will want to join her because he never likes to be outdone by her. He wants to work just as hard as she does and keeps pace with her in all things.

I also see a lot of printer ink and paper in my near future.

On other Organic Learning fronts, my hands on learner is very interested in blacksmithing. We have found several blacksmiths in our new area and he has composed emails to them to see if someone would be willing to take on an apprentice. He has books on blacksmithing and has watched a few documentaries on metal work. He wants to learn about making swords, so we are looking for this sort of thing now. He is interested in medieval times as well and the sword play there and that is another great resource.

The Bookworm is working on writing. I have given her a little push to finish and try to publish one book this year. She is going to try. She has several novels in partially finished stages and it will be good for her to see it through to the end.

This week I have spent a lot of time in groups and discussions. I have another favorite blogger to add to my growing list of homeschooling bloggers. The Innovative Educator's blogger Lisa is wonderful at providing an interesting perspective as well as tons of helpful links.

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  1. What a terrific post Crystal!

    I love what your son is doing regarding learning about blacksmithing. I look forward to the updates.

    For your daughter, have you considered creating a personal success plan with her? This allows you to both have smart conversations about her learning and goals and create a plan that will give her ownership in achieving it.

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    If you have or plan to go this path, I look forward to finding out how it went.

    1. Lisa,
      Thank you so much for sharing the links and for the comments. :)

  2. Love your philosophy for homeschooling. I think the best things about homeschooling would be that you can alter your plans as the kids age.

    1. Pam, Thank You. I agree the best thing about homeschooling is the freedom to accommodate each child and their learning style, as well as desires.

  3. We started out more structured, when we first started homeschooling and then again in a moment of panic. I love workbooks and worksheets and projects and....and... and... But Princess, just wasn't into it. Thus, the unschooling life. It works for us! But I still miss the workbooks, etc. ;)

    1. With my oldest two we were completely structured, in a charter school. I have never missed all that work. I guess that is why it is so hard for me to willingly be structured at all! :D