Sunday, January 15, 2012


I was just sitting here thinking its been years since I spent a whole weekend reading.

I used to love to spend days curled up in a chair or on my bed reading... back before I was "mom". I spent hours with my friends in books and had a wide imagination. I worked and when I got off work I came home showered and curled up in bed with something hot to drink and a good book. I would pull all nighters reading and have to work all day just waiting to get home to my book.

Then I had kids. While I still loved reading I needed sleep! Sleep is important when your a mom. Sometimes nothing else is as important as sleep. Then as my infants became tots I wanted to instill a love for reading too so I read to them. Not great big novels but picture books with stories and pretty pictures to capture their attention.

Now the kids are older and The Bookworm and I share books often. I still don't get a whole lot of "days off to read" like I used to get when I was a teen, but those days are coming far more frequently then before. I often feel like I don't ever have the time to devote to just reading for days at a time. To dive in and forget everything else around me. The truth is my children are all old enough to fend for themselves. They entertain each other and themselves well and know how to prepare their own meals. Why not take a day off? dive into a book and come out only for a brief moment to answer a question or greet my loving spouse? Pop food into the crock pot in the morning and take a day off!

So this weekend has been about me. Finding things I love to do and doing them. I spend so many hours a day taking care of everyone else around me that I often forget to pamper myself. I forget to nourish my mind with something other than random school facts or things we are learning in the homeschool front. I find myself forgetting about me, and thinking only about who everyone else see's me as.

This weekend I have done yoga for me. I have sat and read for hours on end for me. I am enjoying my weekend of pampering ME. What do you do to take care of You?

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  1. I'm thrilled you had a weekend for YOU. Even if it was over a month ago!
    I hate to admit it but when I get time to myself, I sleep. LOL
    And I read, of course.

    First a nice bath, read in bed, sleep.
    AH, the simplicity of it all.

    I hope you get another YOU day soon!