Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

 So I wanted to post a pictorial of directions for how to make this years ornaments but I have not gotten them done yet. I made two different ones so far. They were examples for the girl scout troop but were lots of fun to make and my kids loved them! We also had another ornament planned for this years special ornament making event. We will likely get it done in the next day or so but for today here is a look at the ones I made for my daughters girl scout troop.

Penguin on a sled snow globe ornament

Snowman Snow globe ornament

The Wish list
We modified the wish list a little by adding the child's name to the top before the word wish list and then asking children what they wanted on their list.

these were a lot of fun to make. I must say putting the pictures in my blog today though was not so much fun! blogger kept putting all my pictures at the top of my page before all my words. I hate it when this happens and I have to keep editing my HTML just to get the pictures where I want them.

Off to do some fun things with the kiddos now... we are off to the Library! :)

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