Monday, June 28, 2010

Organic learning

In this Organic learning section you will find my blogs on Homeschooling. I love the adventure that our life has become through learning. I am always amazed at the myriad of ways that children learn. I have been Homeschooling in one form or another since my oldest was about 3, she is now 15 1/2! I have 4 children and I am sure that you will get to learn bits and pieces of them over time, here they will have nicknames and it will fit their personalities. The oldest will from here on out be known as The Bookworm she is 15 1/2 and writes as much as she reads, or vise versa. Then comes The Inventor He is 13 and one day I see him inventing great things, He is smart in his special way and I love the way he sees things. Our next two are close in age and were known as "the tots" for so long it maybe hard for me to not refer to them as such, I am going to work hard at it though as they each have their own personalities now. The Adventurer just turned 7 She is full of whimsy and adventure, no tree is to tall and no mountain is to big! Last and far from least is The lover. Being the last in line I suppose he was destined to be my cuddle bug. He is 5 going on 6 is extremely tall for his age has the sweetest face and a bit of a lisp still. I must say that He is slowly leaving the love bug stage and his nickname may soon change to the antagonizer as all boys are want to be, but for now it is the Love bug.
Now Onto the Learning...

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